Meet the Family


Jared Maillot

As the youngest Maillot man to join the family business, Jared started his career in 1995 at the age of 16, working with his grandfather Bernie. Jared spent four years learning the ins and outs of the home building and construction business and used the basics taught to him by his grandfather, father and uncles in both management and custom building solutions as a jump-off point for his current career in custom renovations and property repair services. Today, Jared acts as the VP of First General Services Calgary, where he still remains hands-on throughout every aspect of the business.


Adrien Maillot

Adrien Maillot


Adrien Maillot got an early start working part-time with Bernie in the early 1960s as both a cribber and framer. His skills and shared commitment to excellence earned him an opportunity to become a business partner, which he accepted in 1967, and continues to work as a full-time employee while he completed his framing certificate in 1971. Adrien started to run his own crew throughout the early 70s and eventually shifted his attention to building custom homes in 1975. Today, Adrien represents a veteran builder with a wealth of experience across a wide-range of custom home offerings including the inner-city pre-sold and custom acreage market. 


Allan Maillot

Allan Maillot

Another veteran of the custom building industry, Allan began his career working part-time with Bernie Maillot in 1965, before joining both Adrien and Bernie full-time in 1970. Allan focused on cribbing and framing throughout the early 70s and switched to building new, custom homes with the rest of the family from 1975-1988. In 1988 Allan branched out to begin his own business focused on custom restorations in 1988 by starting First general, and has been there ever since.


Cory Maillot

Cory Maillot

Cory began working part-time in the family business in 1984 and benefited from having Bernie Maillot as his building and business mentor. After paying his dues for more than six years learning the ins and out of the family’s  construction business, Cory shifted his attention in 1991 to becoming a supervisor for the family business. As a true testament to his long-term commitment to the family trade, Cory became a business partner in 1999 and remained an active contributor to the growth and reputation of the company until 2003. It was in 2003 that Cory left to start his own company, C & B Construction and Renovations, where he continues to deliver the same level of high-quality craftsmanship that the Maillot Family name is famous for.


Bernie Maillot began his career in the building industry way back in 1954. He’s spent the past 60+ years training professionals, building this family business and establishing himself, and his family, as the go-to for anyone that values quality workmanship and trustworthy relationship. In addition to training all the Generation 3 owners, Bernie trained a large percentage of the professional framers working and running businesses across the Alberta construction industry today. His experience in custom building and relationship management is matched only by his work ethic and commitment to ensuring everyone he works with is completely satisfied.


Jamie Maillot

Jaimie Macdonald

For the past 30 years I have been involved in some form of construction or another. I was introduced to construction at 16 building fences with my brother during the spring and summer, at 18 I landed a job with PCL at the Ghost Dam project as clerk ( which means I did anything the superintendent told me to), after 2 years I decided to apprentice as a carpenter through SAIT, I completed my apprenticeship with PCL and turned to framing residential houses. From then until my current state I bumped around learning almost every aspect of construction from roofing to foundations. In 1997 I was hired at First General Services as a project manager, a disaster restoration company, where I was introduced to the Maillot family, in 2005 Allan Maillot and I became partners and purchased First General as part of succession planing of the previous owners. Today, along with Jarod Maillot, I perform various tasks in running the company.